An overview of AppScore release 2022.15 Sep 22

An overview of AppScore release 2022.15 Sep 22

Posted by Geoff Davies on Sep 26, 2022 1:56:56 PM

Import RVtools data 

Now you can get your migration project started quicker by directing importing data from RVTools. We've also made several UI improvements across the platform to improve usability.

See a video demo of the new features at the bottom of this page.

RVTools imports

22.15 RVTools import 2

Load server data from your VMware environments via direct import from an RVTools spreadsheet. AppScore automatically extracts the required information from across the tabs in the spreadsheet such as CPU, memory, disk, hypervisor and performance stats where available.

RVTools data can be used as a starting point for server information whilst you deploy agent-based tools that collect detailed performance metrics.

Move group colours

You can now assign custom colours to move groups in the Transformation Schedule.

22.15 Move Group ColourTo change the colour, expand the move group details under Transformation Schedule and click anywhere in the Group section to bring up the settings box.

UI improvements

We've made several UI improvements across the platform including standardising the filter menus.

There's a new slider to collapse the menu items on the left side of the screen. This provides more screen space to work with grid views and other elements.

22.15 UI Slider

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