An overview of AppScore release 2022.19 Nov 22

An overview of AppScore release 2022.19 Nov 22

Posted by Geoff Davies on Nov 18, 2022 4:20:14 PM

Simplified TCO calculation

Understanding cloud total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important part of building a migration or modernisation business case but often involves considerable spreadsheet number crunching.

In this latest release of AppScore, we've introduced powerful new features to simplify this task. There's now no easier way to calculate on-premise and cloud costs and a multi-year TCO.

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On-premises Cost Calculator

2022.19 OPCC 2

The On-premises Cost Calculator automatically calculates costs for any on-premise servers loaded into AppScore. The calculation is based on an industry-standard model that can be tailored to your own organisation.

2022.19 OPCC settingsUnder OPCC Settings you can review and modify every parameter of the model to reflect your own organisation's on-premise environment.

Costs can be saved to individual servers, which is then used to produce an aggregated current run cost for each application.

Within the OPCC screen, you can view a 5-year TCO forecast for your chosen hyperscaler or comparison across the four main cloud providers.

2022.19 5 year CCM

Virtual machine hosts

2022.19 VMware hosts

We've added a new server type of VM Host for hypervisor hosts such as VMware or Hyper-V. Virtual servers can then be mapped against these hosts.

When loading data from RVTools the VMware host machines will automatically be populated and virtual machines allocated accordingly. Support status for VMware versions is also tracked.

This hypervisor information is also used by the On-premises Cost Calculator to determine machine costs.

Transformation and move group planning

We've made several incremental improvements across planning to make it easier to track group memberships and actions when the Rs for apps are updated. 

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