An overview of AppScore release 2022.23 Jan 23

An overview of AppScore release 2022.23 Jan 23

Posted by Geoff Davies on Feb 3, 2023 12:49:06 PM

Hybrid cloud pricing

Over 80% of organisations adopt a hybrid cloud approach with many using a combination of a public and a private cloud. In AppScore you can now upload a custom price book for your private cloud enabling you to compare prices against the hyperscalers and plan out private cloud workloads.

There's also a new dashboard to help you understand the level of organisational knowledge of your applications and servers portfolio.

To help produce your cloud business case, the on-premise cost calculator is now switchable between 1, 3 and 5-year views.

See a video demo of the new features at the bottom of this page.

Private cloud price book

2022.23 Private cloud pricing2

To use private cloud pricing, upload a custom price book to AppScore. The machines match the dimensions you provide and individual machine monthly prices and a total price are calculated.

Private cloud pricing can also be used to model pricing for traditional on-premise servers in data centres.

2022.23 Private cloud settingsWe've also provided more granular control over the different clouds in your portfolio, so that you can choose a preferred cloud and which ones you want to include in pricing and transformation recommendations.

1, 3 or 5-year TCO view

2022.23 OPCC views

A new drop-down has been provided enabling you to quickly switch between a 1, 3 or 5-year TCO view that shows the on-premise and cloud costs.

Portfolio knowledge insights

2022.23 Portfolio knowledge level

To speed up the discovery and data capture process we've added a new dashboard showing how many servers have owners or support teams and a red, amber, and green (RAG) status for the level of organisational knowledge about an application.

Use this process and dashboard to quickly triage your portfolio and understand where to focus attention.

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