Introducing AppScore release 2023.01 Mar 23

Introducing AppScore release 2023.01 Mar 23

Posted by Geoff Davies on Mar 8, 2023 9:03:51 AM

Import data from your cloud accounts with ease

With most organisations running pure cloud or hybrid environments, we've made it easier to bring data into AppScore directly from your AWS accounts or Azure tenant.

This makes it simple to work with applications running on cloud in order to progress the modernisation journey, conduct enhanced FinOps or manage applications.

There's also a brand new application inventory screen, many new charts and our cost modelling features have been further enhanced. 

Data import from AWS and Azure cloud accounts

2023.01 AWS API connection

Data from AWS accounts can now be brought into the platform via API and also using the XLSX spreadsheet from the AWS Account Discovery CLI Tool.

With Azure, the VM details can be directly exported from the Azure Console to CSV and loaded into AppScore.

This enables you to update the server and application portfolio once migrated to cloud and keep the information current.

Detailed instructions can be found here in the AppScore Knowledge Base.

New application inventory screen

2023.01 app inventory

We've introduced a new easy-to-use application inventory screen that displays more information about your portfolio. Interactive tabs at the top of screen allow you to quickly switch between different views.

Detailed filters and column ordering and sorting can be applied to the screen.

Dashboard and chart updates

2023.01 OS support status by DC

Several new charts have been added including one showing operating system support status level by data centre or cloud region (example above).

The Unknowns dashboard (example below) has been updated to show the costs of running servers and applications where ownership is unclear.

2023.01 unknowns2

Cost modelling

2023.01 cloud vendor cost chart

The On-premises Cost Calculator has a new chart showing the 1, 3 or 5 year cloud vendor costs for comparison against on-premise. This includes compute, storage, network and labour.

The on-premise cost details can also now be exported direct to an Excel spreadsheet.

Network costs have been added as an option to the Cloud Cost Modeller.

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