Introducing AppScore release 2023.03 Apr 23

Introducing AppScore release 2023.03 Apr 23

Posted by Geoff Davies on Apr 17, 2023 2:28:33 PM

SaaS opportunities cost forecast

With over 17,000 apps and services accessible on AWS and Azure Marketplaces and Gartner forecasting 16.8% growth in the SaaS market this year, the R of Repurchase is an indispensable component of every organization's cloud strategy.

To address this need, AppScore has refined its Repurchase feature, enabling users to document granular SaaS pricing for each application. This data is then consolidated in a newly designed SaaS Opportunities Dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview and insights for informed decision-making.

We've also enhanced planning so that you can easily mark migrations or transformations as complete. AppScore then automatically updates the application ready for the next phase of its modernisation.

SaaS opportunities

2023.03 SaaS details

Within each application you can now record pricing details for SaaS. Three options are provided:

  1. AppScore estimated - this uses a % of the rehost cost to provide a broad estimate of the cost of running on SaaS. This is the default behaviour for AppScore.
  2. AppScore calculated - enter the pricing dimensions such as a per seat or per user cost and the number of units, AppScore calculates the monthly cost for the application.
  3. User calculated - enter a fixed monthly cost for the application.

You can also enter other details including the purchase method such as whether it's direct from the vendor or via a marketplace such as AWS, Azure or Google.

Under Insights, there's a new dashboard that summarises the SaaS opportunity for your portfolio including providing a breakdown graph for purchase method.

Completing activities 

2023.03 Activity completion

Within transformation we've introduced the ability to mark activities as complete once an app or servers are migrated to cloud or transformed.

Within the Transformation Schedule screen you can select an application or group of servers and choose Mark Complete. The application or servers will be updated to their planned target state and the Rs reassessed for the next stage of modernisation.

Full details on this feature are described here in the AppScore Knowledge Base.

We advise reading through the Knowledge Base article before using this feature as marking activities completion will update server and application details and cannot be reversed.

Other enhancements

2023.03 Server screen

We've implemented lazy loading on the Server screen to speed up data loads for large server portfolios. The first screen of data will load and appear whilst the remaining data is loaded in the background.

RVTools data loads have also been improved with support for spreadsheets created with the -DBColumnNames parameter.

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