An overview of AppScore Kickstart release 1.1 August 22

An overview of AppScore Kickstart release 1.1 August 22

Posted by Geoff Davies on Aug 17, 2022 2:00:54 PM

RVTools data, vendor incentives, PowerPoint

AppScore's free Kickstart cloud assessment tool has gained major new features including the direct import of RVTools spreadsheets, assessment against cloud vendor incentive programmes and export of data to a PowerPoint presentation.

See a video demo of the new features at the bottom of this page

RVTools import

Kickstart 1.1 RVTools import 3

In addition to the CSV import wizard, you can now drag and drop RVTools files onto the Server upload screen to quickly load VMware servers into Kickstart. The relevant data is pulled from the various tabs in the Excel workbook including server performance data.

Cloud vendor incentives assessment

Kickstart 1.1 Vendor incentives

All major cloud vendors offer significant incentives for migrating to their platforms. These comprise funding for assessments, migration costs and also discounts on initial consumption. Using the data loaded into the platform, Kickstart assesses which incentives you may qualify for.

PowerPoint presentation


Kickstart 1.1 PowerPoint

The data from the Summary screen can be exported to a fully editable PowerPoint presentation for use in proposals and business case development.


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