What you need to know about Cloud Accelerators

What you need to know about Cloud Accelerators

Posted by Shannon Jackson on Mar 17, 2022 4:04:30 PM

Today’s digital world has expanded to multi-cloud, hybrid networks, and an endless array of new cloud-based business applications and workloads. So, it comes as no surprise that cloud migration is one of the most significant and strategic business decisions you can make and becoming cloud-native can enhance your organisation’s competitive edge and business value. A cloud accelerator for discovery and assessment can make this process significantly easier. But before we go into too much detail on how these cloud accelerators work, let’s talk about why you would want to use one in the first place.

Cloud migration can be a very complex process, and there are many steps involved in moving your data from an old system to a new one. Cloud adoption takes skill, precision, and a clear understanding of your IT estate to determine the 6rs of cloud migration, as well as a dedication of investment, and time.

The main priority of any cloud migration project is completing it quickly so that your organisation can unlock the benefits of cloud and aren’t left behind by the competition as they advance with their cloud adoption efforts. This is where having a cloud accelerator helps. Cloud accelerators simplify this process by providing a rapid way to discover and assess what you do and don’t need to take to the cloud.

How do cloud accelerators work?

Essentially, a discovery cloud accelerator is exactly what it says on the tin, and works just like any other accelerator, by enhancing performance and technology. It streamlines a cloud adoption project helping you to avoid “analysis paralysis” and make the process of migrating applications easier. They enable rapid capture of infrastructure and application information to build out a picture of your IT estate gathering data and knowledge from multi-disciplinary teams including application support teams, developers, cloud architects and operations.

An effective cloud accelerator goes beyond 1st generation discovery “lift and shift” tools and enables the creation of cloud migration plans that migrate the servers and applications in the most effective order, providing an alternative to inefficient lift and shift strategies.

Cloud accelerators provide several advantages, such as:

  • They are a faster and more cost-effective way to do cloud migration projects
  • They offer an improved time to market
  • They are highly scalable and customizable
  • They provide better customer experience and increased security
  • They enable organisations to fully unlock the potential of cloud

To sum up, discovery cloud accelerators are a new way of accelerating cloud adoption in organisations. The overall goal of the cloud accelerator is to reduce the time and cost for moving data and applications to the cloud.

What to Consider before accelerating your cloud migration

Before your organisation invests into cloud acceleration, you need to take a step back and examine where your business sits in terms of its cloud adoption goals, what your highest cloud priorities are, and if a cloud accelerator would help you to achieve these goals in a quicker or more cost-effective manner.

For example, are you only just starting to migrate to the cloud? Or are you already in the cloud and looking to improve your customer experience through acceleration of service delivery.

Another point is whether your team is skilled enough to be able to execute cloud accelerations alone or if your business will require external assistance from a cloud service provider to complete the project.

AppScore Cloud Accelerator

 Investing in cloud migration acceleration will streamline your journey through an application-centric process focused on the right workloads for a low-risk cloud migration. Several avenues are available to accomplish this, including AppScore’s cloud accelerator built around its market-leading cloud migration and modernisation platform.

The AppScore Cloud Accelerator provides the fastest, most cost-effective way to conduct discovery.

It is a unique discovery-as-a-service offering provided under a subscription model that leverages the power of the AppScore platform together with a proven methodology underpinned by three critical success factors (covered here in detail).

This, combined with a monthly subscription and the option to switch between service levels to suit the needs of your programme, makes the Cloud Accelerator is the fastest and most cost-effective way to complete discovery on your application estate.

To find out how the AppScore Cloud Accelerator will help your cloud migration programme deliver results book a session with our expert team here.