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AppScore is the fastest way to migrate and modernise your estate and achieve your cloud objectives.

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AppScore enables you to understand what’s in your server and application portfolio and make effective decisions about what goes to cloud and how. Understand the risk, complexity and benefit of transformation to ensure your cloud adoption meets business objectives.

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Value proposition

The AppScore platform’s automation features and standardised approach allows you to deliver efficient cloud migrations in half the time. Reduce the time staff spend gathering information, building plans and creating documentation. Our aim is that whatever you spend on an AppScore licence you’ll make up 5X in resource time savings and programme delivery efficiency.

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AppScore - Why AppScore - Value Proposition

Key benefits of working with AppScore


De-risk your migration

Understand the risk and complexity of your estate.

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Beyond lift-and-shift

Go beyond lift-and-shift to unlock the full benefits of cloud.

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Dynamic planning

AppScore dynamically plans and costs transformation effort.

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Increased speed

Reduce your migration time with AppScore’s end-to-end, robust, repeatable process.


AppScore is licensed based on the number of servers loaded into an AppScore instance (one AppScore instance for each customer or internal project). There is no restriction on the number of applications or users within the AppScore instance.

12 Month Licence

Single use

Price per server/asset


12 Month Licence


Price per server/asset


Monthly Licence

Single use

Price per server/asset


Single-use licences are for a specific deployment, multi-use is aimed at consulting partners who need to rotate the server count through multiple projects.

Single use licences are available for a minimum of one month. A discount is applicable to 12-month licences. Multi-use is only available as a 12-month licence.

Licences are billed monthly in advance. The 12-month licence can be pre-paid to gain an additional discount equivalent to the first month being free i.e., 11 months for the price of 12.

Where additional servers are used above the licence obtained, these are charged at the monthly single use price. For example, if a customer has a 12-month licence for 500 servers and uses an additional 50 servers for one month the 50 servers will be charged at the monthly, single use price.

Additional discounted pricing is available on request for greater than 1,000 servers or multi-year commitments.

E&OE. Prices exclude VAT or other applicable sales tax. Where self-hosted, licensing and/or consumption fees for databases or other resources required to run the AppScore software is the responsibility of the partner/customer. Price list valid until 30th June 2021.

Use of AppScore is subject to the EULA

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